Australian 3G Network Shutdown: Everything You Need To Know

It may not be thought that shutting down 3G internet services would be a problem since all the new technology on the market requires more. 3G is a thing of the past that will be completely shut down by mid-2024. 

The problem with that idea is that many disabled and elderly people rely upon their medical alert devices. Units that are set up to work with a 3G network and nothing else. 

Since 3G has already been shut off on the 2100Mhz frequency, it has caused severe congestion for those using their medical devices. It has created a dangerous environment for those needing 3G for their medical purposes when services are required. 

It may be easy to get through to emergency services, or it may be so backed up that you cannot do so. This could be a life-threatening situation for some, but for the people relying on these devices, it is not easy to upgrade or buy new devices.

Why Turn Off 3G Services?

You may be asking yourself why anybody would want to turn off a service that has been in place for so long. A service that people of the nation still rely on to connect with emergency responders when they are needed. Unfortunately, the technology continues to advance, making 3G networks something that has been replaced by two other generations of devices.

This means there is no way for the company to continue offering all the old levels of service along with the new ones. There is simply not enough room to push them all through, so as the new technology takes over the world, the old devices will need to be traded in for a more recent version.

There is simply no way to get around the Australian 3G network shutdown, so you must be prepared before that date. Of course, by the time the 3G networks are shut down, mid-2024, if you remember, there may very well be an even newer generation of service. In fact, there may be a couple new upgrades that you will need to worry about.

What Can You Do?

This is why it is always suggested that you trade your devices for the newest ones possible. This needs to be done every couple of years or more if you can afford it. This is because technology is improving so dramatically and fast that even if you buy a brand-new, top-of-the-line device, it will be outdated within half a year or less. 

It may cost you a few dollars that you may have to save up for, but in the end, your upgraded devices will work much better than the old 3G ones. Plus, the more advanced your devices are, the more likely you will get the help you need when you need it. 

If you are worried about the new devices being too much for you to understand, you can still get the bottom line, basic units that are simple to set up and maintain. If not, you can always have a younger family member teach you how to use them. If you are in a home with staff on call at all times, they should also be able to help you grasp the new tech you have.


Is 3G being phased out in Australia?

Telstra is closing down all 3G services, so it’s time to upgrade! Customers need to make sure they switch over their 3G service before the end of June 2024 in order to keep enjoying a smooth and reliable connection. 

What phones will be affected by 3G shutdown?

Devices connected to outdated 3G technology or Sprint 4G LTE are vulnerable to the looming 3G Shutdown. This could impact a range of automotive-connected systems such as OnStar and remote start, so it’s important for everyone using these services to stay informed and make necessary upgrades before then.

Can I use my 3G phone on a 4G network?

Although most of us assume our phones can access the newest network, it’s not always possible. If you have a 3G phone and want to join in on the 4G connection party, unfortunately that may be out of reach for now – depending on your device’s capability. However, even those with less efficient devices are still able to connect; CDMA networks allow users with different technical levels (3G/4G/LTE) to all access their respective levels just fine.

Is 4G LTE the same as 3G?

With LTE, users enjoy lightning-fast speeds that eclipse 3G connections by tenfold. Downloading movies and streaming songs can happen rapidly with average download velocities of 12 to 30 Mbps, while uploads are a breeze at up to 2-5 MBps—allowing for instant sharing online.

Do I need to buy a new phone for 5G?

While there is a lot of excitement in the air around 5G and its potential to revolutionize many aspects of our lives, it isn’t necessary to get caught up in the wave just yet. Currently, wireless carriers are deploying 5G technology across America, but you don’t need to purchase the latest phone with all these bells and whistles for at least a few more years.

How many people still use 3G phones?

This year, up to 10 million people across the globe – a large portion of whom are seniors in age – will be left unconnected after losing service from their 3G phones. While this marks an inconvenient disruption for some, it’s also offering exciting new possibilities as we leave behind older technology and look towards tomorrow with 5G networks that promise greater access than ever before.

Final Thoughts

The shutting down of the 3G network may seem like a life-altering moment, but in reality, it is nothing to stress out about. The new technology it gives way to will bring you closer to the help you need without worrying about getting jammed up on the attempt.

Even if you do not need to use emergency services, it is still great to update and upgrade all your devices, all the way to 5G, if you have access to it in your area. If not, at least get some 4G equipment to get you by until the next round of technological improvements hits the market. Then you can continue to upgrade and get better service.

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