Top 10 Best Brandani Cast Iron Reviews And Comparisons

Brandani is a family-owned business that has been in operation since 1892 out of their foundry in New Jersey. They offer a wide selection of cast iron cookware, including skillets, griddles, Dutch ovens, and more. All of their products are made from pre-seasoned cast iron which makes them easy to clean and maintain; they’re also extremely affordable because the company controls the manufacturing process from start to finish!

Cooking with cast iron is an amazing way to get the benefits of cooking in an old-fashioned, healthy way. But it can be hard to find affordable cast iron cookware that’s easy to use and maintain. Brandani has been making high-quality, pre-seasoned cast iron products since 1892! Their products are all made from 100% American steel and they’re also extremely affordable because the company controls the manufacturing process from start to finish.

Brandani Cast Iron is perfect for people who want the benefits of cooking with cast iron without having to worry about maintaining their cookware or spending a fortune on expensive pots and pans. All you need is some oil or shortening, a little heat to wipe on the pan, and some salt. This will give the cast iron an extremely non-stick surface for cooking!

Our Top Picks:

Bestseller No. 1
Amazon Basics Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven, 6-Quart, Blue
  • Cast iron dutch oven with side handles and fitted lid; oven safe to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cast iron delivers even heat distribution and retention; enamel doesn't have non-stick function; hand wash only
SaleBestseller No. 2
Lodge EC6D33 Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven, 6-Quart, Blue
  • A flawless pairing of form and function that doesn't quit, the Lodge Dutch Oven is an enameled cast iron classic that's great for preparing and serving memorable meals.
  • WHAT IS PORCELAIN ENAMEL ON CAST IRON. It is actually glass that becomes bonded to the cast iron at high temperatures. A particulate of glass, called frit, is applied to the cast iron vessel and then baked at temperatures between 1200 and 1400° F. The glass frit melts and fuses to the cast iron, forming a bond. Porcelain enamel on cast iron is heat tolerant and impervious to water and other consumables.
Bestseller No. 3
Lodge EC3CC43 Enameled Cast Iron Covered Casserole, 3-Quart, Island Spice Red
  • Broil, braise, bake or roast up to 500 degrees F
  • Saute, simmer or fry on any stovetop
Bestseller No. 4
AmazonCommercial Enameled Cast Iron Covered Braiser, 7.5-Quart, Red
  • Heavy-duty cast iron: heats slowly and evenly and offers excellent heat retention for optimal cooking performance
  • Enamel finish: the enameled cookware won't react to food and can be used to marinate, cook, and store leftovers
SaleBestseller No. 5
13" Super Lightweight Cast Iron Chinese Wok
  • Pre-seasoned
  • 50% lighter vs. traditional cast iron
Bestseller No. 6
Frying Pan with Lid Skillet Nonstick ,Aneder 10 inch Carbon Steel Wok Pan Woks and Stir Fry Pans for Electric,Induction and Gas Stoves
  • 【Healthy & Safe Iron Wok 】Aneder wok is made of carbon steel to make it everlasting. With safe non-stick coating to make sure the wok non-stick&rustproof.Deeper and large capacity than normal pan , great to meet all your needs.
  • 【Multi-purpose & Suitable for All Heat Sources】This 10 inch nonstick frying pan is multifuntional,you can use it to cook delicious stir-fry, steaming, roasting, boiling, baking meals and more.The uniform heat flat bottom allows it to be placed evenly over heat source and suitable for using on all stove such as electric, induction, gas and ceramic stoves etc.
Bestseller No. 7
6 Quart Enameled Dutch Oven, Cast Iron Dutch Oven, Covered Dutch Oven, Enamel Stockpot with Lid, Red
  • Fully Equipped -- The dutch oven set includes a silicone mat and a pair of high-quality insulated gloves that prevent hands from burning. With integral molding loop side handles, makes transport more conveniently.
  • Versatile Usage -- Suitable for gas, electric, ceramic, induction stovetops, even on a gril, oven safe up to 500℉ . It can be used for cooking, roasting, chilled storage, or baking delicious and nutritious dishes for your family, remains the original flavor .
SaleBestseller No. 8
Bruntmor 2-in-1, 3 Quart Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven With Handle, 3 Qt Black Cast Iron Skillet, Pre-seasoned All-in-One Cookware Braising Pan For Casserole Dish, Crock Pot Covered With Cast Iron
  • Crock pot covered with cast Iron can be used as shallow bakeware. Seasoned dutch oven skillets can do all kinds of jobs. Braiser pans are ideal for braises, stews and sauces.
  • This nonstick cast iron brazier pan with lid distributes heat evenly. Cast iron bakeware keep your food warm for hours and prevents food from sticking.
Bestseller No. 9
KEIPONNOL Enamel Coated Cast Iron Natural Non-Stick Dutch Oven with Lid,4.5 Quart, Red
  • Four-layer solid glaze: Enamel ovens are covered with four layers of mirror glaze coating on the inside, which is strong, durable and not easily peeled off. It is not easy to damage the pan whether it is heated at high temperature or constantly tossed, and is compatible with all stoves such as induction, oven, electric, gas, ceramic, and radiant. Can be placed directly into the oven, oven safe up to 500℉.
  • Heat Distribution Evenly: Heat quickly, heat evenly, good insulation properties. While warm enamel pot than the average pot slowly, but after the warm-up is completed it can maintain a stable heat, and with a small fire will be able to sustain this state.
Bestseller No. 10
COOKWIN Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Self Basting Lid Non-stick Enamel Coated Dutch Oven Camping Suitable For Variety Stovetops Dutch Ovens Gifts for Family Blue 3QT
  • 🔥Self-circulating Lid:This dutch oven pot is design with circulating shower type lid, designed to catch steam as it rises in the pot & condense the steam back into water inside the lid,evenly fall on the food to maintain the original nutrition.
  • 🔥Porcelain Enamel Coating: The 3 QT cast iron dutch oven features smooth porcelain enamel coating,provides a great heat conductor. And it proven to effectively distribute & retain heat for an even & consistent temperature throughout the entire pot. Excellent for slow cooking soups, stews & chili or anything you can cook in it.

Brandani Cast Iron Reviews 2022

Lodge L8SK3 10-1/4-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet

Lodge L8SK3 10-1/4-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet
  • One Lodge Pre-Seasoned 10.25 Inch Cast Iron Skillet
  • Unparalleled heat retention and even heating

The Lodge L8Sk3 10-1/4-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet is your ticket to old-school cooking that you never have to worry about. This pan is perfect for both beginners or experienced cooks because it’s pre-seasoned with natural vegetable oil, so all you need is a little heat and salt! Plus, this skillet features unmatched heat retention and even heating, which makes it the perfect go-to for searing, sautéing, baking, broiling, braising, frying, or grilling. The pan’s also oven safe and can be used on an induction cooktop – making it great for all kinds of kitchens. Plus, the Lodge L8Sk3 10-1/4-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet is made in the USA by an American company.


– Made in the USA

– Great for beginners

– Perfect for searing, sauteing, broiling, frying & grilling

– Unmatched heat retention


– Handle gets hot quickly

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet – Utopia Kitchen

Utopia Kitchen 12.5 Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast iron Skillet - Frying Pan - Safe Grill Cookware for indoor & Outdoor Use - Chef's Pan - Cast Iron Pan (Black)
  • These 12.5 inches skillet pan are suitable for both stovetop and oven for evenly cooking variety of different meals; Cast iron cookware is less smoother than the Non-Stick cookware
  • Hand wash before first use and dry immediately; rub with a light coating of vegetable oil after every wash

The 12.5″ Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet by Utopia Kitchen is the perfect choice for your cooking needs. It’s pre seasoned and ready to use straight out of the box. It also prevents any rusting issues, which is a huge plus because it will give you an even heat distribution. The skillet can be used on the stovetop, in the oven, over a grill, or even over a campfire. You can make steaks or sauté vegetables with it! A healthy lifestyle is a few steps away from your cast iron pan, as it adds iron to the food you cook. The cast-iron skillet is highly compatible and can be used on most cooking surfaces.


– Seasoned with vegetable oil, ready to use straight out of the box.

– Provides even heat distribution.

– Highly compatible.

– Helps give your meal a healthy boost by adding irons into it.


– Requires regular maintenance.

– It has a limited nonstick coating.

Amazon Basics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Pan

Amazon Basics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet, 15-Inch
  • Pre-seasoned cast iron skillet with flared side edges; oven safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cast iron for even heat distribution and retention; pre-seasoned products don't have non-stick function; hand wash only

A cast-iron pan can be used for many different things. You can use the pre-seasoned cast iron skillet for cooking on the stovetop, baking in the oven, or even on a campfire. The pan is pre-seasoned so it doesn’t need to be seasoned before cooking in it. One of the best features about this product is that it’s able to be used on an open flame. It helps me cook food while camping without having to worry about ruining my equipment while out in nature.

The 15″ Diameter helps me cook for more people while still giving them their own portion sizes. Cleaning a cast-iron skillet can be quite a tedious task, so it’s nice that this one isn’t difficult to clean. Another impressive feature of the pan is that you don’t have to spend extra money on non-stick spray because there’s no sticking problem to it.


– No need to season

– Goes well with an open flame

– Heats up evenly throughout the pan

– 15″ Diameter for cooking large amounts of food, or smaller portions for different people


– Pre Seasoned cast iron cookware can’t be used on a nonstick surface

Victoria Cast Iron Skillet Large Frying Pan

Victoria Cast-Iron Skillet, Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Frying Pan with Long Handle, Made in Colombia, 12 Inch
  • CAST-IRON COOKING: Our high-quality cast-iron pan comes with a perfectly textured preseasoned skin for an easier release that helps build seasoning with each use. We use only non-GMO, kosher-certified flaxseed oil to season it, and it’s PTFE- and PFOA-free for healthier cooking.
  • MADE FOR GREAT MEALS: Our Cast-Iron Skillet was designed with the user in mind. It features a thicker edge, a deep vessel for sauces or larger food items, drip-free spouts on each side, and our signature long curved handle for a better grip.

The Victoria Cast Iron Skillet Large Frying Pan is an affordable and easy-to-use product. It can keep food hot for 15 min or longer and it is healthier than other cooking products because there are no PTFE and Pfoas that can be harmful to your health. The frying pan’s size is also ideal because of the curved, bigger handles that provide better grip, making it more convenient to cook with. Lastly, it is versatile as it can be used for serving, cooking, baking, grilling, and oven-to-table.


– Great price

– Nonstick coating

– Seared steak is delicious

– It does not have PTFE and Pfoas which can be harmful to your health


-Can’t re-season by yourself

-Can’t be washed in the dishwasher

Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Set 3-Piece

Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Set 3-Piece - 6 Inch, 8 Inch and 10 Inch Cast Iron Set - Black
  • CAST IRON PAN SET - The bundle of three includes 10, 8, and 6 inches pre-seasoned frying pans; ideal sizes for domestic and outdoor use. Our cast iron pan set comes with unique handles for easy maneuvering and pouring.
  • SEASONING GUIDE – Our skillets are pre-seasoned but it is recommended to season the cast iron pan set with any vegetable oil before use. After washing, rub some oil over your cookware's surface and place it in an oven at low temperature for the oil to seep in.

The Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Set has pre-seasoning on them so they are ready to go out of the box, which is nice because some cast iron cookware can be difficult to work with. The sides of this set are very low, so they aren’t the best for cooking on an induction stovetop because you can only use about half the pan; it will be limited to the flat surface area. Clean-up was pretty easy since it is cast iron cookware.

However, after use, some people re-season their pans to get rid of the sticking problem. This is true for this product as well, but it is not an issue since you should take care of your pan anyway to avoid any issues in the future. Overall, this product has been great to use and it is a very affordable option for people that are just starting with cast iron. I would highly recommend this product if you are looking for an inexpensive skillet set.


– Pre-seasoning is nice for people that are just starting with cast iron cookware

– Clean-up was easy

– Cast Iron cookware can be a great replacement for non-stick pans

– It does not contain any chemicals


-The side walls are very low so this could limit the space you have to use.

Lodge Cast Iron Dual Handle Pan

Lodge L10SKL Cast Iron Pan, 12", Black
  • With ample cooking surface and an ergonomic dual-assist handle design, this 12” Lodge cast iron skillet is at home in the oven, on the stove top, on the grill or over the campfire.
  • Brutally tough for decades of cooking, Lodge Cast Iron cookware is unparalleled in heat retention and even heating.

The Lodge Cast Iron Dual Handle Pan has ample cooking surface and an ergonomic dual-assist handle design, making it excellent to use in the oven, on the stovetop, on the grill, or over the campfire. This 12” Lodge cast iron skillet can be used for searing, sauteing, baking, broiling, braising, or frying; it’s versatile in all kitchens. The more you season your pan with oil to keep it seasoned like new again and again. It’s also oven- and dishwasher-safe for easy care.

Brutally tough for decades of cooking, Lodge Cast Iron cookware is unparalleled in heat retention and even heating. Suitable for all ridges like gas, electric stovetop, induction, or even BBQ grills; it’s the right tool to sear, saute If you’re looking for a durable item that will last through years of usage without breaking down this is one to consider!


– Ample cooking surface

– Ergonomic dual-assist handle design

– Perfect for searing, sauteing, baking, broiling, braising or frying


– Not suitable for microwave

Cast Iron Skillet With Lid

Cast Iron Skillet with Lid - 12"-inch Pre-Seasoned Covered Frying Pan Set + Silicone Handle & Lid Holders + Scraper/Cleaner - Indoor/Outdoor, Oven, Stovetop, Camping Fire, Grill Safe Kitchen Cookware
  • PRECISION HEAT DISTRIBUTION and UNRIVALED HEAT RETENTION – Cuisinel cast iron is famous for that perfect, succulent sear, without losing any heat when cold food hits the pan. Whether you're using our premium cookware on your kitchen stove, oven, BBQ or even an inconsistent campfire, the lossless heat retention and consistent heat distribution makes managing your cooking times effortless. Can be used for frying, baking, grilling, broiling, braising and sautéing meats, vegetables and more!
  • NOW WITH A HEAVY DUTY CAST IRON BRAISER LID – Cuisinel once again revolutionizes the culinary world by introducing a braising cast iron lid to our famous 12"-inch fry pan. With our meticulously placed drip-points in the lid, even moisture and heat distribution, you can now truly take your cast iron wizardry to the next level by effectively turning your pan into a casserole or braiser with perfect cooking results. Pan and lid can withstand any temperatures without fear of shattering or cracking.

This Cuisinel cast iron skillet is excellent for cooking large amounts of food, frying, baking, grilling, broiling, braising, and sautéing meats. It cooks evenly, retains heat, and is sturdy. It heats up quickly without any hot spots.

The fry pan distributes heat evenly and retains the heat. It is sturdy and has a lid so it can be used as a braiser or casserole if you add another pan on top of the lid. The handles get slightly warm while cooking but not too hot to hold. The skillet is very easy to clean, the instructions say it can go in the dishwasher but I have never done that because hand washing seems easier. It is also easy to season if you are not used to working with cast iron it works similar to other skillets. The handles are silicone so they won’t get too hot while cooking.


– Cooks very fast without any hot spots

– Has a lid that can be used as a braiser or casserole if another pan is on top as a lid

– Silicone handles make it easy to hold without getting too hot

– Is very durable and sturdy

– Easy to clean and season (can go in the dishwasher)


– The silicone handles will get hot if the pan is on a heat source for a long period

Pre-Seasoned 2-In-1 Cast Iron Multi-Cooker

Bruntmor 2-in-1, 3 Quart Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven With Handle, 3 Qt Black Cast Iron Skillet, Pre-seasoned All-in-One Cookware Braising Pan For Casserole Dish, Crock Pot Covered With Cast Iron
  • Crock pot covered with cast Iron can be used as shallow bakeware. Seasoned dutch oven skillets can do all kinds of jobs. Braiser pans are ideal for braises, stews and sauces.
  • This nonstick cast iron brazier pan with lid distributes heat evenly. Cast iron bakeware keep your food warm for hours and prevents food from sticking.

This cast iron cooking combo is excellent because it distributes heat effectively and is built to last. It can be used on all stovetops, over a fire at the campsite, or in the oven up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The lid can also be used as a skillet and can withstand any amount of abuse that it takes.

You’ll find this to be an excellent choice for cooking versatility because it has something for everyone in your household. Whether you want to cook, fry, or simmer something on your stovetop, this is the perfect product for you. The lower pan is great for cooking dutch ovens, frying up some pancakes, or even making a nice batch of chili. The lid can be used to cook up a pancake for breakfast or even use it as a skillet and fry up some bacon for your family.


– Cooks food well

-Durable and will last a long time

– Versatile- can be used on almost any stovetop or over a fire at the campsite


– Doesn’t give food that “restaurant-style” flavor

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet with 2 Loop Handles - 17 Inch Ergonomic Frying Pan
  • 17 INCH CAST IRON SKILLET. This seasoned cast iron skillet is ready to use and extremely versatile with a diameter of 17 inches and a 2-inch depth. With ample cooking surface and an ergonomic 2 handle design, it is perfect for the campfire, the oven, and the tabletop
  • SEASONED COOKWARE. A good seasoning makes all the difference. Lodge seasons its cookware with 100% vegetable oil; no synthetic coatings or chemicals. The more you use your iron, the better the seasoning will get

Lodge skillet is one of the most versatile skillets that you will ever use. It is perfect for everything from slow morning bacon and eggs or roasted veggies on the BBQ to all sorts of vegetables. There are two loops on the handle making it easy to lift with one hand but stay away if you do not want stains on your hands. The pan is large at 17 inches with a 2-inch depth meaning that there is plenty of space for anything you want to make. It is also great for camping because it goes straight from the stovetop, oven, open fire, or campfire without any hassle.

The pan comes pre-seasoned so that after just one use it will feel almost like your own. Lodge has been making cast iron for over 120 years in the US. They are family-owned and they are committed to making cookware that is 100% American, therefore giving back to the economy.

The skillet is made with care and it cooks everything evenly without any issues. It never sticks to food or leaves weird residues on your dishes, but make sure you treat it with care. Don’t move it too often and don’t drop it. With proper care, this cast iron skillet can be passed down generation after generation as a family heirloom.


– Great for all sorts of meals (bacon and eggs, roast veggies)

– 2 loop design makes it easy to lift with one hand

– Comes pre-seasoned so you can use it after one time use


– Handle is susceptible to stains if not careful

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Set

Overall, the Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Set comes in a large 5-piece set and is made of quality, durable materials. The pans are pre-seasoned with natural vegetable oil which ensures that your food will not stick to the pot or pan.

The pots and pans also come with easy-grip handles that provide for secure control when moving the pot or pan from one place to another. You can use these pots and pans in all sorts of ways from frying to baking. You can use them on an induction stove.

This is a great set for beginners and experienced cast iron cooks alike. With 5 pieces to choose from, you will be able to cook almost anything with this set whether it is something simple like grilled cheese or something more involved like fish soup with rice pilaf. However, the pre-seasoning on this set is not perfect. There have been complaints of rust forming on the cast iron after just a few uses.

On the bright side, rust can be easily wiped off. So this is not a huge problem in the end unless you do not know how to remove rust from cast iron properly or you are adamantly against doing so.


– Large, 5 piece set

– High-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity

– Cooks in a variety of ways from frying to baking


– Preseasoning is not perfect

Brandani Cast Iron Benefits

brandani cast iron

If you’ve never cooked a meal with cast iron before, the idea can be intimidating. However, it’s actually easier than you might think to get started. All it takes is a little experiences and some good tools. With Brandani cast iron cookware, you’ll have the power to cook some of your favorite dishes with ease.

If you’re interested in giving this method of cooking a try, here are five reasons why Brandani Cast Iron Cooking Supplies are perfect for beginners:


These products are an affordable way to get into cast iron cooking without having to make any big purchases right away or spend too much money on one piece of cookware. The set comes with 5 pieces so there is something for almost every need when it comes to kitchen prep work like frying pans, casserole dishes, or even a 6” skillet. You can also buy individual pieces to add to your collection if you find that there are ones in the set you don’t use very often.

Easy To Use 

Brandani Cast Iron comes pre-seasoned which saves you the trouble of having to season it yourself. What you have to do is wash it with soapy water and a scrubber. If you wipe the pan down after each use, a new layer will form preventing rusting or sticking of your food.


More than just being about frying bacon and making pot roasts, cast iron cookware can also be used for baking as well. You can make brownies, cakes, and even bread in a cast iron pan which gives you many options when planning a menu for your family. With Brandani Cast Iron Pans, you also have the option of choosing from a variety of sizes so that no matter what you’re cooking whether it’s just for yourself or enough for a crowd, you’ll always have the right size pan.

Easy To Clean 

brandani cast iron

After using Brandani cast iron cookware, it can be difficult to get your food out of the pan or pot so some people choose not to use them at all. However, Brandani Cast Iron Pans are super easy to clean which makes cooking hassle-free. After using the item, just wipe it out with a cloth or paper towel. If you have stuck-on food leftover from cooking, fill your pan or pot with water and soak it for a few minutes, then use your scrubber to gently remove any leftover bits of food.


Along with being easy to clean, these pans are also long-lasting. If you take proper care of them by washing and drying them after every use and storing them properly when not in use, Brandani Cast Iron will give you many years of excellent service.

With many advantages below, it’s worth considering buying Brandani products for your house:

• Affordable

• Easy to use

• Versatile

• Easy to clean

• Durable and Long-lasting

Factors To Consider When Choosing Brandani Cast Iron

brandani cast iron

Brandani Cast Iron cookware has been around for over a century. It is one of the most well-known names in cast iron pans and pots, and it’s a favorite with chefs worldwide. Aside from cooking delicious foods, there are several other factors to consider when choosing Brandani Cast Iron. This post will let you through some of those considerations so that you can make an informed decision about which pan makes the best choice for your needs.

What Type Of Cooker Do You Have?

Gas or electric stovetops often require different types of pans for optimal performance, depending on their size and shape and how they heat up food. If you’re not sure what kind of stovetop you have, ask someone who knows before ordering a new pan. Metal handles are a big plus when selecting a Cast Iron pan because it allows you to transfer them from stovetop to oven with ease.

What Is Your Budget?

No doubt there are Brandani Cast Iron pans out there that will fit your budget, but it can be difficult to judge quality just by looking at a picture. Be sure you have ample information before making a purchase decision. If possible, talk to another owner or contact the manufacturer directly to learn about their warranty policy and to see if they are responsive. Also check reviews online to learn what types of problems others have had with their cookware, and how those companies dealt with them.

What Kind Of Food Would You Like To Cook?

brandani cast iron

Some foods require specific kinds of cookware to achieve the best results. For example, steak often requires a heavy-duty grill pan so that it doesn’t lose its shape or stick to the pan while cooking. Other types of food, though, require a different kind of cast iron pan for better results. Potato pancakes and corn bread are two examples; these foods can easily burn if cooked in pans that heat up too quickly, such as those made with stainless steel or non-stick coatings like Teflon. A seasoned Cast Iron pan is a much better option.

What Are The Pan’s Dimensions?

A new pan may look good in your kitchen, for example. But if it doesn’t fit on your stovetop or in your oven, what do you have? Make sure your new pan is the right size for your cooktop and oven before making a purchase.

How Long Will The Pan Last?

This factor depends on how you take care of it once it’s in your kitchen. Brandani Cast Iron pans are not only stunningly beautiful, but they are extremely durable too. They will last for several years if you treat them properly.

FAQs About Brandani Cast Iron

Do The Cast Iron Pans Come With A Warranty?

Yes, Brandani Cast Iron pans come with a general warranty for 15 years. That’s why you don’t need to be worried when having issues with your product. Just call the hotline for help.

Can The Cast Iron Wear Out?

Brandani cast iron wears out gradually by use or misuse, which is why it’s important to take care of them properly. Regular use will help maintain the seasoning layer that protects the cast iron.

Will My Food Stick To The Pan’s Surface?

Food won’t stick to the pan if it was properly seasoned. You must avoid using soap or detergent when washing your cast iron. Oil, hot water, and a little scrubbing will clean off most food – eggs, for example – without touching the seasoning. Rust spots are nothing to worry about; they only indicate the cooking surface needs to be reseasoned.

Will I Have To Season The Cast Iron Products Before Using Them?

brandani cast iron

No, the brandani cast iron is ready for use right out of the box. You will notice a light patina on your pan after the first use. Repeated use gradually creates a natural non-stick coating on your pan while maintaining its seasoning status and avoiding any need to re-season it.

How Should I Clean My Pan After Cooking?

Only use hot water when cleaning your pan. Never use soap or detergent, which will remove the natural oils that keep the cast iron from sticking. To clean your Cast Iron, simply scrub the surface with a stiff plastic dish brush or steel wool.

Is It Safe To Put My Cast Iron Pans In The Dishwasher?

No, it is not safe to put cast iron in the dishwasher. Dishwasher detergent can prematurely wear away at the seasoning and make them more prone to rust. However, there’s one exception: when you’re using a pan that has been well-seasoned and heat-treated with vegetable oil or flaxseed oil. This coating can protect the surface of your pans from outside substances and harsh cleaning agents, and enable you to clean surfaces in the dishwasher without damaging their seasoning layer.


If you’re looking for a durable, reliable cast iron pan that can last years with proper care and maintenance, Brandani Cast Iron is a perfect choice. These pans are made of 100% pure cast iron which provides excellent heat distribution so your dishes come out evenly cooked every time.

They also have high-quality materials including steel handles to withstand higher temperatures without warping or melting as plastic does. These products come in an array of various colors to match any decor style. The Lodge Cast Iron Dual Handle Pan is my favorite choice for a number of reasons. It’s easy to use and gives best results when cooking with different benefits, such as more even heating than other pans on the market today!

Lodge L10SKL Cast Iron Pan, 12", Black
  • With ample cooking surface and an ergonomic dual-assist handle design, this 12” Lodge cast iron skillet is at home in the oven, on the stove top, on the grill or over the campfire.
  • Brutally tough for decades of cooking, Lodge Cast Iron cookware is unparalleled in heat retention and even heating.

Investing in a high-quality tool is an investment of your time, energy and effort. We hope that you will find the best product after reading our reviews from 2022!

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