The Power of Fashion: How Clothes Affect Our Emotions

Did you know 96% of people report a change in emotional behavior once they change how they dress?

Yes, the colors and type of outfits you wear have a major impact on your mood. A study shows that repetitive clothing or styling is a sign of unwillingness to have new experiences. Wearing a matching mommy-and-me apparel like your loved one symbolizes love, unity, and strong bonding. That means the psychology behind your choice of outfits has a deep connection with your emotional state. 

Whether you wake up already feeling ready for a productive day, or the opposite, the attire you choose directly reflects your emotional state or mood. Even if you are not consciously aware of this fact, it somehow influences how you perform all day. 

Simply stated, the clothes you wear may affect your behavior, personality, mood, attitude, and even confidence. The power of fashion is greater than you thought and can drive your emotional state. When you’re happy and confident about your body image, it helps you improve your personal and professional life.  

Still unsure how clothes affect your emotions? Continue reading to determine how it happens.


How Clothes Affect Your Emotions

Increase Confident

As mentioned above, the clothes you wear have an impact on your professional and personal life.  When you wear something stylish and comfortable, it boosts your confidence to show your strengths. Increased confidence is one way to establish healthy relationships with people. Wearing stylish or fashionable items, for instance, can make you feel special, adding to your confidence and feelings of competence. 

Make You Feel More Powerful

Have you ever wondered why most of the corporate associates and entrepreneurs wear suits during business meetings?

Well, one answer could be; it makes them feel more powerful. A recent study published by California State University found that formal clothing helps people change how they see the world. 

For example, by wearing a formal business suit, you can take criticism in a better way. It is because being well-dressed can boost self-esteem.  And you don’t need to worry about criticism affecting you negatively. Formal clothing can help you maintain composure and feel in control when dealing with the various situations at work.

Make You Feel Active and Motivated

Do you have a hard time finding the right motivation to exercise or workout?

Consider putting on your gym wear more often. Wearing gym clothes is one way to remind yourself about healthy choices in life. With a reminder of your body, you will feel more energetic, active, and of course, motivated. Having the right kind of motivation is all you need to do workouts and exercises. 

Improve Socializing 

Because formal suits can increase your confidence and make you feel powerful, it doesn’t mean that your choice of casual clothes has no impact on you. Casual clothing like trousers, funky tops, and jackets offer you a chance to experiment with your looks and impress people with your powerful fashion sense. 

It doesn’t end here; casual clothing also helps you make more social connections as you feel more comfortable in them. Unlike formal wear, casual clothes allow you to relax and be more open to talking to other people. In fact, a bulk of anecdotal evidence shows that casual outfits boost your creativity and make you welcoming and friendlier. 

Improve Focus

If you wear a uniform to work every day, you might have questioned this idea numerous times. While many people find wearing uniforms and the matching outfits boring and monotonous, for others, it increases a sense of focus. 

We say this because when you see yourself in the same outfit or a uniform, you become more consciously aware of your responsibilities and duties. It eventually has a positive impact on performance at work. 

This is one reason why many schools or workplaces have dress codes for their workers and students. It goes the same for the doctors wearing a white lab coat during duty hours.  It helps them increase their performance and allow them to pay more attention when they are working.

Boost Energy and Mood

If you feel upset, cranky, and sad for any reason, it may affect the way you dress. The reverse also holds the same. One way to overcome your anxious, depressed, and stressed feelings is to wear cheerful colors.  

The phenomenon mind sounds bizarre to you but wearing brightly colored clothes can boost your energy and power. It happens because your brain associates bright hues with happiness and carefree times.  And when you reach out for the shades like bright yellow, red, and orange, it may help you feel happier. 

Summing Up

In conclusion, your clothes affect the way you feel about yourself. They exert a unique influence on your confidence, mood, and self-perception. 

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