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Why You Should Choose Slidebar Fullerton

Slidebar Fullerton is a stylish website that’s all about fashion and beauty. We write topics related to trends, new collections of clothes for each season, as well as tutorials on how best to fold your outfit so you can take up less space in the wardrobe! And if it isn’t enough already – there are also tons of tips for maintaining an organized closet.

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We also operate other sites related to Beauty, Automotive, Kitchen, Book, etc., with high DA (30 to 50+) and DR (50+). If you are interested in any of our products or services, please email us with your needs, as we would love this list to be more extensive!

We want to provide you with quality, engaging content for your blog. This means that each of the articles on our site should be original and written by YOU or one of YOUR writers! If this is something which interests you, then here’s what we need:

Guest Post

Spelling and grammar errors are our standards! We won’t take posts that have these mistakes. That means the writer spent little time on it, which we never want in a blog post because someone should put in enough effort when writing something they want people to read.

  • Please create unique, relevant content.
  • The article must be Informative.
  • The article must have at least 3000 words.
  • You must submit the article in Google Docs and send us the URL with edit access.
  • You will prepare the Meta Description, SEO Title, Images for the post
  • Meta description must contain the main keyword and between 135 – 155 characters
  • Use subheadings – H2 or H3 in the article
  • The keyword density must be at least 1% – 1.5% (You can use many free tools on the Internet)
  • Your URL, which you want to keep as a do-follow (We will accept one do-follow link only)
  • We DO NOT accept affiliate articles, product reviews, spam SEO articles, … any kind of those.

Please note that we have the right to edit your Guest Post article.

If you are interested in Guest Posting, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] with the title [Guest Blog for Slidebar Fullerton]

Sponsor Link

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Sponsor Post

Please use the guidelines mentioned in Guest Post Submission Guideline to submit your written article.

Don’t have the time to write a persuasive article? We can help you with that. Simply select your subject, and our skilled writers will do all the work for a nominal fee! They contact us when they finish their task, providing some linkable anchor texts as well — just choose which one is best suited for SEO purposes before it’s too late!

Note: We will charge a fee for this, and the price is negotiable!

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Partnership & Advertise

We offer banner advertising on our site. We can put your advertisement at the header, footer, or sidebar of some blog posts you want to publish with us if that’s more suitable for what you need to be done! Email me today to discuss in detail how this would work best and look like overall.

We also accept advertisements, but our team will review them carefully before publishing.

You can advertise your website on this site for a monthly or yearly fee. Depending on the type of service you’re selling, prices will vary accordingly.

Note: We will charge a fee for this, and the price is negotiable!

If you are interested in Advertising, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] with the title [Advertise for Slidebar Fullerton]

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When your blog post is published on [email protected], you can share it with all of the major social media sites to grow both recognition and traffic for yourself. And rest assured that it will be shared across all of the social media profiles we have, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., to grow the brand, audience size of both you and us!

Please, do not copy and paste your blog post on another website, even you are the author/owner. This will be considered plagiarism by search engines which can result in rankings for the original content and hurt both of their SEO ratings. 

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